Precision Body Works works with several rental companies to better serve our clients.

West Broad Location

Enterprise – (804) 346-8666
7919 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia  23294

Hertz – (804) 270-3436
8021 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23294

Ashland Location

Enterprise – (804) 752-2319
(Located in the same building)
12210 N. Washington Street
Ashland, Virginia 23005

  • Once you schedule your repairs with us we can assist you with setting up your rental reservation.
  • When dropping off your vehicle for repairs, the shop will contact your rental company and advise them you are at the location and ready for pick-up.
  • The rental company will pick you up from our location and take you back to their location and go over the vehicle and their contract with you.  The rental company’s  hours are 8:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • When your vehicle is complete the shop will call you, we asked that you come and review your vehicle’s repairs. Once this has been completed and you are satisfied with your repairs the shop will help you transfer any items from your rental back into your personal vehicle.  You then will take the rental back to the rental facility and they will deliver you back to the shop to pick-up your personal vehicle.