At Precision Body Works, all vehicles go through an extensive, multi-step repair process.

X-ray Repair Planning - Precision Body Works

At Precision Body Works we offer a unique service unlike any other body shop in Richmond. X-Ray Repair Planning is a pre-production process focused on eliminating delays such as hidden damage or items missed during the estimate process. This ensures your vehicle will be repaired correctly and in a timely matter. During X-Ray Repair Planning, a meticulous disassembly is done on each vehicle down to the last clip or bolt, so that everything needed to repair your vehicle correctly is documented up front. Parts can be ordered right then, which helps to avoid costly delays at the end of the repair. This process is highly organized and detailed. All parts, hardware and materials for your vehicle are clearly labeled and stored for ordering. This process also allows any technician performing metal work and reassembly to work on your vehicle seamlessly—regardless of which technician disassembled your vehicle. At Precision Body Works, we feel that, by doing the extra work up front, we can assure you, our valued customer, that your vehicle will be repaired in both a timely and efficient manner.

Metal Repair - Precision Body Works

When your vehicle arrives to our cutting-edge metal repair department, all the damage has been assessed and it is ready to be repaired. If needed, your vehicle will be measured for frame damage using our Genesis Laser measuring system, or the alignment may be tested and measured using our Hunter computerized alignment machine. Then the affected panels are either repaired or replaced based on your repair plan. All parts are fit-tested to ensure the best quality fit for your vehicle. Precision Body Works uses all state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition after repairs.

Paint - Precision Body Works

Once a vehicle arrives in our paint department, it is quality control-checked to ensure all the metal repairs are done based on your repair plan. Your vehicle is then primed and blocked in our environmentally friendly prep station. This process ensures a smooth finish on repairs and readies your vehicle for paint. Once your vehicle is prepped and ready, it is driven into our climate-controlled paint booth, where the paint is applied. After the paint is applied, the booth is heated to 140ºF to aid in the curing process, which gives your vehicle a baked-on finish. Our paint team uses PPG Waterborne Technology products for a factory finish.

Reassembly - Precision Body Works

After the repairs and refinish work have been completed on your vehicle, it will come to our reassembly department. Here our expert technicians reinstall parts, apply emblems and decals and any other accessories needed to complete your repair. Once your vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition, it is inspected to ensure all repairs are completed to factory specifications.

Detail - Precision Body Works

As an extended courtesy to our customers, after your vehicle is repaired and reassembled, it is brought to our detail department for cleaning. Our detail technicians vacuum the interior, wash the exterior and check over the entire vehicle to ensure all repairs were done according to your vehicle’s repair plan. Once your vehicle is cleaned and reviewed, it is brought around for the final quality-control check.

Quality Control - Precision Body Works

At the end of each stage, your vehicle is quality control-checked to ensure all repairs done in the prior stage are done to the specifications on your vehicle’s repair plan. Once all the repairs are complete and your vehicle is cleaned, it is pulled around front for one final check by the estimator. He/she reviews your plan line by line to ensure all repairs are done according to your vehicle’s repair plan, and checks for any imperfections in the paint or cleanliness. Once your vehicle is restored to pre-accident condition, we will notify you it is ready for pick-up.

  • Just a little note to say thank you for the work you did on my 2002 Camry. A special thanks to Ricky Stoops, the bumper looks great! I admire it every time I get in my car! I will definitely recommend your shop to others.

  • Thank you again and others who worked on my car who I did not get to meet. I hope I never have to deal with you again (It’s not that I don’t like you all, I just don’t like accidents, haha.) but in the unfortunate chance I need body work again, Precision will be my choice.

  • You all made it very worthwhile to drive 30 miles from Petersburg to have the repair done. I would highly recommend Precision Body Works to anyone. I am truly a satisfied customer. Thank you again or a great job.

    Sincerely, Martha